Frequently Asked Questions - KMINA.
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Pruchase related questions

Where can I buy them?

Our first batch of KMINA crutches is already pre-sold. You have the option to reserve yours for the second batch here.

What is the price for a set of crutches?

The retail price is € 99 for a unit of KMINA crutches or € 199 for a set of them. These prices do not include fees and shipping charges.


You can reserve yours by placing a fully-refundable deposit of € 49.5 for a unit of KMINA crutches or € 99.5 for a set of KMINA crutches.

How can I pay them? Can I pay via bank transfer?

Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. If you choose paying via bank transfer, email us at and we will send you our bank details to formalize the order.

Do you sell crutches accessories?

We sell each replaceable piece of the crutch as accessory: neoprene pads, grips and tips.


If you want any of these accessories or any additional accessory, email us at

Availability related questions

Are they available for kids?

KMINA crutches fit perfectly for people from 4’9” to 6’5” (from 145 cm to 195 cm) and they can be regulated every 0.6” (1.5 cm). However, we will also manufacture crutches for children of lower height in the future, so if you email us to we will take you into account.

When will they be delivered?

Our first batch of KMINA crutches is already pre-sold. You have the option to reserve yours for the second batch with estimated shipping date in May 2017.

Will they ship internationally?

KMINA crutches prices are exclusively for Spain. For international shipments email us at

Crutches related questions

How much do they weight?

KMINA crutch weights approximately 2 lb (900 grams). In addition, due to the fact that they are lifted both with hands and forearms, the real feeling is lighter than with the conventional crutches.

How much weight do they support?

They support more than 220 lb (100 kg) and we are testing them to guarantee a weight of 265 lb (120 kg). If you exceed the limit, email us at

Are they adjustable?

If your height is between 4’9” and 6’5” (145 cm and 195 cm) they can be adapted perfectly to your height with regulations every 0.6” (1.5 cm). They also fit perfectly to the length of the user’s forearm between these heights. If your height is not in that range, email us at

Do you have crutches with a completely horizontal forearm support?

One of our two differential characteristics is a 30º inclined forearm support so you can distribute your weight.


We do not want to move the supported weight from one point (hands) to another (forearms), we want to distribute it between hands and forearms.

user experience related questions

Will they suit me for my pathology?

We have tested KMINA crutches with different kind of users, from users with specific injuries to chronic users with different pathologies. We have also tested both patients with one crutch and two crutches.


With users of one crutch, we have tested them with users of different ages and it is working very well. In rehabilitation they are also working well for every injury (knee, hip, sprain, multi-trauma…)


Regarding chronic users, we have tested them with different kind of diseases (hemiplegia and other brain diseases) and they are working well. The unique exception in which users have difficulties to get adapted to KMINA crutches is polio patients.

Can I use them walking up and down stairs?

Users have told us that they notice in greater proportion the advantages of KMINA crutches walking up and down stairs. The reason could be that in that moment hands and wrists are usually full loaded.