Walk calm and safe: new improvement of KMINA crutches. - KMINA.
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Walk calm and safe: new improvement of KMINA crutches.

The continuous improvement is in the DNA of our company. It can be seen in our new and improved crutches. This new change is related with the fastening tapes. Now they allow a great adaptation of the crutch to the shape of the client’s arm, a constant fixation and even greater security. The complete pack for our users.

While we were testing the crutches with our patients and orthopedics we received some interesting suggestion about the improvement in the release of the arm of the crutch in an emergency or a possible fall.

After trying different solutions and implementing them we found out the perfect one which avoids possible injuries from falls and facilitates actions as simple as opening a door or taking a call. This is a huge step forward since a person who requires a crutch continuously has two or three drops per day.

This alternative is based in a system of two straps that provide a 100% secure attachment, adapting perfectly to the forearms of patients. This new advance produces a great versatility, due to its double capacity of holding the forearm and allowing to release the arm with a simple movement.

A picture is worth more than thousand words, so we have made a video explaining our recent improvement (subtitles are in Spanish, sorry):

Vídeo cintas KMINA

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