Gebruikerservaring KMINA-krukken - KMINA.
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Test met patiënten

Wij hebben de KMINA-krukken voor meer dan 1 week getest met patiënten met verschillende pathologieën, hoe denken zij over de KMINA ?

  • Ivan_2

    Iñaki: a story of personal triumph

    Today we are telling the story of one of our users of the short-line production through which many of us can feel identified. He is Iñaki, he is living in Rentería (Guipuzcoa, Spain) and he is 50 years old. Iñaki is a man that during his whole......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-17 a las 12.40.01

    Julian: What does he think about KMINA crutches?

    This user has an impressive story to tell. This story, as every important thing in life, happened when less expected. Julián has 68 years old and lives in Rentería (Guipúzcoa, Spain), when he was 12 years old fell off from his bike and had osteomyelitis......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-20 a las 14.18.48

    Antxon: polio and crutches

    The following story made us to realize how the crutches haven’t changed during history. Antxon is a user that has used many different types of crutches and walking supports without finding anything that hasn’t caused him physical nuisances. Antxon is 61 years old and lives in San......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-17 a las 13.25.45

    Julia: how not to be motionless in spite of having an hemiplegia

    Between all the stories of our users, we can always verify how innovation and progresses in technology and science can help a great deal to many people that exist in our surroundings. In our case we have lived strong evolutions and situations that we could......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-20 a las 13.02.15

    Antoine: what does an engineer and user think about KMINA?

    Our following user is 77 years old and lives in San Sebastián. He has suffered 3 hip surgeries and since then he walks with a walking stick that helps him to walk more easily. However, he wanted to test our crutches in order to give us......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-21 a las 12.18.01

    Charo: how crutches have changed her life

    Our following story is the one about Charo. Charo is 45 years old and lives in Madrid. She had hip surgery few years ago. After the surgery she needed two support to walk. With two crutches has been able to walk and progress little by little, day......

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-10-21 a las 12.47.31

    Paquita: confidence and stability to be able to walk

    Today is the story of Paquita. She is 80 years old woman and she lives in Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia). She had hip surgery some years ago. Since that moment, she has always needed a support to walk. Moreover she confirms that walking with a crutch has......

  • Usuario muletas Antonio Alix

    Antonio Alix: ¿did you say sport rehabilitation crutches?

    Who would imagine that KMINA crutches would be hiking along the Roman road of Fuenfría. This was possible due to Antonio Alix, an amateur cyclist who lives in Madrid and has suffered a hip injury because of a bicycle accident. Antonio used our crutches during......

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