Kais: Will the crutches be for everyone? - KMINA.
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Kais: Will the crutches be for everyone?

We want to introduce Kais Garchi, an amateur rugby player who lives in Madrid. Recently he has suffered a paralyzing disc hernia, leaving his left leg almost completely asleep. After finding out KMINA crutches he put aside the conventional ones, finishing his experience totally amazed.

It may seem one more case of a user who overcomes an injury using KMINA crutches. However, Kais pushed our cutches to the limit because he weighs around 100 kg and he is around 2 meters tall. These tests turned out to be a success. KMINA crutches have shown that they can fit perfectly well both with tall peopple and with heavy people.

Kais congratulated us on getting more comfort due to the better weight distribution and the buffering part of the crutches. Furthermore, he also helped us by suggesting an improvement in the neoprene fastening strap. Thanks to his suggestion and other users suggestions we improved the strap in order to allow users to release the arm quickly in case of falling. If you want more details about how users’ advices led to the latest improvement of KMINA’s crutches, and which was the solution you must read the previous post.

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