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Iñaki: a story of personal triumph

Today we are telling the story of one of our users of the short-line production through which many of us can feel identified. He is Iñaki, he is living in Rentería (Guipuzcoa, Spain) and he is 50 years old. Iñaki is a man that during his whole life has used a lot his motorbike, not only because of necessity but also because of pleasure. His motorbike has always been with him, even in his worst moments, as he has also suffered 3 accidents with it. He suffers multiple injuries, due to the fact that he has had many injuries on his knees and hip. It have impeded him to walk for the last 5 years. Now he is starting rehabilitation walking with standard crutches, but he is suffering a lot when using them.

Iñaki has been able to test KMINA crutches for a whole week and he is telling us the evolution noticed during this week when using them.

He explains us everything personally in the video. As he speaks in Spanish, we translate you his comments:

I don’t feel the pain in my hands. I can tell that I use less my legs, around half than normally“.

“I walk well with them since the first day“.

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