Julia: how not to be motionless in spite of having an hemiplegia - KMINA.
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Julia: how not to be motionless in spite of having an hemiplegia

Between all the stories of our users, we can always verify how innovation and progresses in technology and science can help a great deal to many people that exist in our surroundings. In our case we have lived strong evolutions and situations that we could have never imagined. Everything starts lending a crutch and waiting, with patience, to see what happens.

One of these stories is the one of Julia, she is 68 years old and lives in Torrejón (Madrid). She suffered from a brain embolism when she was born that let her hemiplegic, that is to say, with the right part of her body paralyzed. She was not operated of the feet until 7 years ago and thanks to that operation she could walk, but with the necessity of the crutches. Since that she needs two crutches to continue with her routine.

In this video she explains us how she has been feeling using KMINA crutches. As she speaks Spanish, we translate you her words:

“They are really comfortable. I like them.”

“They give a great deal of security.”

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