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KMINA Crutches are tested

When you have an illusion, the limits that you establish to yourself are not enough to slow down with it. This is what has happened to us: we didn’t want to slow down in front of the possible obstacles that have came up in our way and until now, the result is being really positive. Arrived here, as we’ve been imaging for months, we can only sat that we have learned a lot from the experiences that we have lived and from which we have grown.

The things that have helped us the most have been the feedback, the opinions and suggestions that people which have been using crutches, have given to us.

In order to actually prove the benefits of KMINA Crutches, we have travelled over the Spanish geography so users of crutches or walking sticks were able to give us their opinion: we’ve been in  Madrid, Valencia, San Sebastián, Torrejón de Ardoz, Rentería, Coslada, Xirivella, etc.

We have tested KMINA Crutches with people who presented different typologies: hip surgery, damages on knees and wrists, knee surgery, slipped disck, poliomyelitis, osteomyelitis, feet surgery, etc.

This is what users who have tested KMINA Crutches tell us, you can also see it in the video:

  • Generally, users say that KMINA Crutches reduce most of the pain caused in their hands and wrists, thanks to a better weight distribution.
  • They also say they feel more stable and safe when walking with KMINA Crutches.


In addition to their positive feedback, we’ve received suggestions for improvement, so we concluded we should improve the fastening strap that holds the user’s forearm. In order to better adapt KMINA Crutches to the user’s needs, we are going to change this fastening strap. We are improving it so if the user falls to the ground, he does not stay attached to the crutch, and he does not suffer major injuries. This way, we are providing safer crutches to users.

We hope you liked this post, we will keep you posted about changes we are developing and also about the production progress.

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